Jukebox Jammies is bringing a music loving community together, not just to enjoy great forgotten music, but connecting back with friends after years, meeting like-minded new people and swapping and sharing stories.

Ever since the lockdown Carlton Braganza hosts a one hour pajama party in his bedroom every night taking requests from across the globe connecting people, taking one on a musical ride across genres and ages!

Over 85 episodes so far covering all genres of music, from rock to rap, from swing to ballads, from Opera to Golden Oldies to Country, the show is followed by loyal fans from across the world. Other than just singing requested songs, Carlton has also done a number of themed shows, corporate – sponsored as well as employee events, alumni gatherings and birthday parties.

If you want to give your event/party the JukeboxJammies flavor, drop us a line here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us at jj@trumpit.com

For more on what the JukeboxJammies are all about, visit MyOpus or Contact Us